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RELEASE DATE: March 31, 2011
Available to stream or download ALL DAY in video or audio only format
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Tackling Healthcare Costs: Tips & Tools
According to most Actuaries, the 2011 Healthcare Reform changes will add ~3% increase in addition to the ~9% increase we have already seen in plan costs. What can be done before 2014 gets here to maintain and prepare, as well as put a strategy in place for cost containment now and in the future. This series will address what some of the strategies are that could be implemented to tackle this; keeping in check changes with:
  • PPACA (Discrimination testing potentially being right around the corner)
  • Additional taxes for providers of services
  • The changing landscape of penalties and independent mandate
Sample topics include:
– Using current transparency generated Data & Tools to reduce costs
  • Value-Based Employee Benefit Plans & Health Incentive Accounts
    • What are they
    • How they work
    • How they improve the health of your employees
    • What carriers have them
    • Which ones work & which ones don’t
  • Dependent Audits
    • Why you do not want to overlook performing audits
    • Case study review showing amounts saved
  • Early Retiree Re-Insurance Program
    • If you have retirees, are you aware of this program?
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Self-Insured Plans
  • Negotiating with Insurance Companies
    • Strategies to take into the renewal negotiation process
    • Using transparency to your advantage
    • What you should know about the information that providers are/aren’t releasing


February 24, 2011
2:30pm EST / 11:30am PST
Live Webinar, CE Credit Approved, FREE
Healthcare Reform Essentials
A lot has happened since the initial 2,000+ page bill was passed, including thousands of pages of regulations which have since been written. Just as important, insurance marketplace has experience nearly a full year of plan renewals since the initial passage of the bill. Join us to find out exactly what the impact on insurance carriers and the overall market has been. Some of the topics we will cover include:
  • Changing face of the insurance carrier marketplace
  • Impact of the provision to coverage children under age 19 without any pre-existing limitations
  • Financial impacts of healthcare reform on renewals
  • Strategies on staying up to date and compliant as an employer
  • And more . . .

February 10, 2011
2:30pm EST / 11:30am PST

Live Webinar, CE Credit Approved, FREE
Top 10 Compliance Mistakes
One of the largest concerns on the part of companies is how to stay compliant and up to date as regulations continually are on the move. Our experts will be covering the top 10 compliance mistakes that they see in their employee benefits practice, based upon their combined 35+ years of experience.
Some of the items we will be covering as the most common mistakes include:
  • Failure to file a proper 5500
  • Failure to understand that your insurance carrier booklets (such as your medical booklet) are not fully compliant with ERISA, and that it requires you to take extra steps in order to be fully compliant.
  • Failure to implement proper HIPAA privacy standards
  • Improper understanding of Medicare Secondary Payer rules and regulations
  • Discrimination inside your benefit programs regarding benefit levels and eligibility
  • Healthcare Reform non-compliance, which can cost you up to $500,000
  • And more . . . .

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