Do more with less is today’s productivity mantra.

If you are the Human Resources Director of your company, or if HR is part of your job description, Keystone Benefit Group can help make your job easier by providing you with HRx Solutions.

HRx gives you research tools to help keep you up to date with changes in state regulation, tools to create benefit plan comparisons for your employees, document management, employee management and new hire processing.

For the same cost that you are currently paying for your employee benefits, the powerful HRx system for HR managers and employees brings efficiencies and flexibility to all levels of your company. HRx is proven to streamline administration, enhance accuracy and is compliant with all Federal and State requirements.

HRx includes:

    • Online Employee Benefit Enrollment Solutions
      • Flexibility to review plans and make decisions anytime anywhere
    • Employee Information Management
      • Efficiently manage employee demographic data
    • Benefit Plan Documents
      • Deploy benefit enrollment documents via secure online employee portal
    • Employee Communications/Employee Issue Management
      • Private, secure communications between employees and management/HR
    • HR Enrollment Management
      • Allows your HR team to better manage new hire and open enrollment
    • State Regulatory Analysis, White Papers & Articles
      • Research Zone provides access to BLR research, white papers and training.