Clarity™ makes life effortless, rather than having to deal with opaque conditions.

  • Keystone is not a team of absentee brokers. We are benefit strategists providing through Clarity through honesty, integrity and ethical expertise who go the extra mile for your company’s unique needs. Each business is unique with different risk tolerances and we appreciate that! We take the time to get to know and understand your business. With Clarity, you no longer will be just a number to your broker!

Keystone excels at providing answers and solutions to dilemmas that are as clear as day. When we provide you with clear-cut strategies, instead of hazy and unclear commitments, your benefit solutions become easy as 1-2-3 to administer and manage.

According to our Clarity Survey:

  • 43%

    Over 90% of employers say its important their broker creates a strategic plan to align with their company’s goals. But 38 of those 91 employers said they were unhappy with their current Broker.

  • 27%

    In 2013, 61% of employers ranked the ability to negotiate a lower premium highest priority. In 2014, that percentage dropped to a dramatic 27%.


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  • At Keystone we go the extra mile for your companies unique needs.

    Your Strategy is Our Strategy. Get Clarity and leave the complicated stuff to us.


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