The federal government recently enacted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).The majority of changes affecting small group health insurance will take place over the next four years. Many of the near-term changes will benefit small business by providing tax incentives for offering health insurance as well as dental and vision.

But how will you stay informed of these changes as they are phased in?

Your Keystone account executive will keep you updated on the changes that most affects your company. Whether you have 2 employees or 200, we keep you informed!

We provide access to all major group insurance carriers bringing you the most competitive rates regardless of the carrier. Most good brokers can and often do provide this same service. What differentiates Keystone is our ability to provide ongoing support for everyday issues that arise with your employee benefits. These issues can span from simply providing each employee with a thorough understanding of their employee benefit to complex billing/invoicing issues or helping employees with claims resolution.

Because we keep up to date on industry trends we can provide insight on upcoming changes and events that will impact your organization. We are not just insurance brokers, we are employee benefits advisors

Your Keystone executive will take a common sense approach to finding the most cost effective plan for your organization. We look at all the options available and make sound recommendations based on your needs.