Keystone Clarity™

Keystone has developed Clarity™, a personalized, customizable approach to ensure confidence in your insurance choices. We excel at providing strategic solutions to common and uncommon dilemmas.

Every business is unique with different risk tolerances. With Clarity, you can say goodbye to opaque conditions and unclear commitments for good! Keystone will take the time to get to know and understand your business to instill confidence and help your business succeed!

The Strategic Differences:

  • Compliance Auditing
  • Invoice Reconciliation Services
  • HR Management Software
  • HR Technology Audit
  • Provided Compliance Documents for ERISA Attorney
  • NO CHARGE HR Management, HR Technology, and Enrollment of Software
  • HR Tech Assess Tool
  • Monthly HCRMM Updates

Clarity™ Survey Results

Over 90% of employers say it is important their broker creates a strategic plan to align with their company’s goals. But 38 of those 91 employers said they were unhappy with their current Broker.

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