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    • 1095 c long

      2016 Draft Forms & Instructions Released: Affordable Care Act Reporting Update

      Great feature from The National Law Review by Damian A. Myers, Since our last ACA Reporting Update, the extended deadlines to distribute Forms 1095-B and 1095-C to covered individuals and employees and to file the forms with the IRS have passed.  The IRS has stated, however, that late forms can still be submitted via electronic filing and […]

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    • ppaca_fees

      Mini-Med plans and Healthcare Reform

      The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act undoubtedly has created angst for many employers. While much of the law’s impact will not be felt for several years, limited medical plans (aka, mini-med plans) are in PPACA’s crosshairs right now. If your company is currently using a mini-med plan, there are five key things you need […]

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