You buy insurance to get claims paid in the event of a loss. Whether the insurance you presently have will pay in the event of a claim is dependent upon two things –

1. Whether you are covered for the exposure causing the loss
2. Whether your limits are sufficient to pay the entire loss
We are able to provide a wide variety of coverage for our individual clients. Available options include: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability and Long Term Care, Identity Protection, Dental, and more.

Are you confident you would be covered…

  • If you or a teenage child were involved in a catastrophic auto accident involving multiple personal injury claims?
  • If your dog bit a child?
  • If rising ground water flooded your home?
  • If you had to rebuild your house according to current building codes?
  • If an expensive piece of jewelry was lost or stolen?
  • If you needed extended care in a nursing facility?

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