Building Employee Skills With Microlearning and HR Trends to Monitor

Building Employee Skills With Microlearning and HR Trends to MonitorIn the September 2022 HR Brief, we cover:

  1. Addressing current and future skills gaps is a top workplace challenge for employers today. In addition, learning and development are key priorities for workers in today’s competitive labor market who may seek out a new employer if their current one does not offer the career development opportunities they desire. While employers can approach these challenges in various ways, many are leveraging microlearning, which provides an affordable, feasible and time-friendly opportunity to build employee skills. Read the newsletter for 9 examples of microlearning and how they can help you.

  2. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, HR professionals have faced many challenges, including the health impacts of COVID-19 on workers and ongoing attraction and retention challenges.

Read the newsletter below for some 4 crucial trends to monitor for the remainder of 2022..

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